The Power of Social Media

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It is not a secret anymore that almost every people in this world have their own social media. Some of them using the social media for interaction with friends, or even family, but some of them using social media as their channel for business. is the statistics portal that has a data about how many social network users in the world wide

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That statistic shows the number of social network users in the worldwide from 2010 until 2014 with the estimation until 2018. It is estimated that there will be around 2.44 billion users in 2018.

That is just one of the fact that social media has the snowball impact. Not only that, social media is a suite of online services that you can get easily, that facilitates two way communication and content, imaging sharing, it can become a productive component of overall marketing strategy.

Marketers using the social media as their channel to spread their business to worldwide without a gap. Social media marketing generally using these online services for relationship selling, and it makes innovative use of new online technologies to accomplish marketing goals (Zimmerman, Jan & Salim, Doug, 2010).

Try to mentioned every single social media that you know. Facebook, youtube, twitter, blog, flickr, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, path, linkedin, hootsuit, foursquare, and many more. All of these social media could help you to increase the selling.

I am going to put one of an indie band from UK who using social media to grabbed their target market with using social media, as an example.

Mamas Gun, is one of the talented indie band from London, United Kingdom. Basically, they were using the social media to promoted them self, or even to give some important information (new album, new single, new music video, tour schedule, ticket price, and many more) to their fans around the world.

mamas gun facebook


So far, they got 13.668 likes for their facebook page and still counting. On the facebook page, they are posting a lot of stuff about their performances constanly. The Mamas Gun’ fans also can do two way communication with Mamas Gun’ personals. Either they put the message to Mamas Gun timeline, or even to their inbox.

From facebook, people would find out Mamas Gun’ youtube channel, Mamas Gun’ twitter, or even Mamas Gun’ official website. How? Posting something and driving visitors to your another social media channel.

mamas gun facebook1


In that case, Mamas Gun told the viewer that they were launched their official new single’s music video through facebook, and insert their youtube channel to facebook, and it will automatically drives the visitors (their fans) to Mamas Gun’ youtube channel.

Facebook is one of the useful and friendly channel. But, do not use a hard sell on facebook, basically not many people like it. Put the useful information about your business, and not a blatant advertisement. You can use a wall post to announce the new products or services. In this case, Mamas Gun using wall post to posting about their business or even just a light conversation with their fans. Do not forget to pique the visitor’s curiosity (Zimmerman, Jan & Sahlin, Doug, 2010).

Not only facebook, Mamas Gun also uses Twitter as their marketing channel. It is similar with facebook, Mamas Gun tried to engagement with their market.

mamas gun twitter

Almost every firms in the worldwide noticed about how strength the social media is, and they are using social media as their digital marketing channel. But, social media is not just about facebook or twitter only. There are the different types of social media channels:

  1. Blogs. This one is designed to let firms easily update or change content and allow readers/visitors to post their own feedback (comments). Example of blogging software; wordpress, weebly, blogger, TypePad.
  2. Social Networking Services. This is originally developed to facilitate the exchange of personal information (messages, photo, video, or even audio) to people. This site is full-featured services offer multiple functions. Example; Facebook, MySpace, Twitter,LinkedIn, Plurk, or Plaxo.
  3. Social Media Sharing Services. These media channels facilitate posting and commenting on video, photos, and podcasts or audio. Example; Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Photobucket, Snapchat, Path, Picasa.
  4. Social Bookmarking Services. Social bookmarks are publicly viewable lists of sites that others have recommended. Example; StumbleUpon, Kaboodle
  5. Social News Services. These peer-based lists of recommended articles from news sites, blogs, or other websites. Example; Digg

The firms basically, can use all of those media channels to boosting their content marketing, until the spider/bot on search engine could scanned their media channels.

But, it does not mean that the firms have to use all of those social media. Different social media meaning different focuses. Depending of the products, or what the target audience uses. So, how can the firms decided which social media that they have to use?

First, consider the subject of the content, then consider the age of the target market (old couple? younger buyer?), after that, consider which way the target audience discusses the content (word based/video based/image based), and the last, how might this impact the channels that the firms choose (Chaffey, 2012).



  • Zimmerman, Jan & Sahlin, Doug. (2010) Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies
  • Chaffey, D. & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2012) Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practices. Harlow: Pearson



2 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media

  1. Some very interesting points are made! I think for companies, music groups or whatever social media is a great instrument to cultivate contact to their community. However, it only works for people that already know or even like your organisation!


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