Starbucks “Shows Off” with Viral Marketing

We can say that brand awareness of Starbucks is the successful one, and you can easily find Starbucks coffee shop in everywhere you are. To sustain that momentum, Ian Cranna, marketing boss of Starbucks, was harnessing the power of user-generated content to humanise the brand and connect with customers in personally. Cranna and the team, […]

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The Power of Social Media

  It is not a secret anymore that almost every people in this world have their own social media. Some of them using the social media for interaction with friends, or even family, but some of them using social media as their channel for business. is the statistics portal that has a data about […]

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MSc Digital Marketing

Sounds cool, huh? Yeah it is. That’s exactly my course. I started study in Liverpool John Moores University on October 2014. Just like i said before my background degree was BA Mass Communication, which was i studied about broadcasting, journalist, and even movie maker. I studied about marketing communication, but only for 1 semester, and […]

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Learning Digital Marketing it means that we have to aware with SEM and SEO. Why? Because to be successful marketer today, you need to understand how to show up your target market’s search engine activity in the search results. To make this things work, we have to understand keywords and content that your target market would use the most (Hemann and […]

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What Marketing is?

Many people are wondering, what is digital marketing exactly? Why is it so important? Why this thing could change the life? I will trying to answer all of those questions, one by one, through this blog, also, i’m gonna put my portfolio about my working experience on digital marketing. So, it would make it clear. […]

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About Me

Hi everyone ! 🙂 Welcome to my blog. Basically i’m gonna talking about my new life in Liverpool, Great “great” Britain. Let say that i’m living my dream now. Yup, i am Ruth Reny Mariana from Jakarta, Indonesia, study abroad about Digital Marketing in beautiful city, Liverpool, UK. I decided to get my master degree […]

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