About Me

000Q05zPaXV Hi everyone ! 🙂

Welcome to my blog. Basically i’m gonna talking about my new life in Liverpool, Great “great” Britain. Let say that i’m living my dream now. Yup, i am Ruth Reny Mariana from Jakarta, Indonesia, study abroad about Digital Marketing in beautiful city, Liverpool, UK. I decided to get my master degree in UK, this is my dream since i was in high school.

I did my degree for BA Mass Communication in London School of Public Relation, Jakarta, Indonesia. Actually, my background was about mass communication, journalist, and broadcaster. I’ve never interesting doing or even have a job in marketing, until i was working as internship in Lazada Indonesia, the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia, and i started curious about marketing. To be honest, i wasn’t really interesting with marketing that time. Until i decided to resign and moved to started up e-commerce company. This e-commerce called AsmaraKu.com, basically selling the family tools, like condom, pregnancy test, fertility test, until romantic items for couple. E-commerce like this is really taboo in my country, Indonesia, that’s why this is a good chance to using ‘online shopping’ as the alternative for customer, because the customer do not have to be embarrassed or shame when they want to buy a condom or even pregnancy test. I learned so many things in that company, then i’m officially “in love” with digital marketing.

Know nothing about digital marketing, but i learned randomly about SEO, website content, marketing, even merchandising, made me really want to know more about digital marketing, and here i am, studying Digital Marketing in Liverpool John Moores University since October 2014.

Spent 9 months in my last company, made me realize that digital marketing is not only a subject or course, digital marketing in one of important rules in business, especially, nowadays world became so digital (online). This is a good chance.

Studying abroad is really good for my own life experience.Hopefully, with this experience, i can be more successful and be a better person.



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